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Reported road casualties Great Britain

The Department of Transport has published statistics on personal injury accidents in the year ending March 2012 on public roads (including footways) in Great Britain.

The statistics show that:

  • For reported road accidents in the year ending March 2012; 1,870 people were killed, a 1% drop from the year ending March 2011 (1,881).
  • However the number of people killed or seriously injured rose to 25,210, a 1% increase compared to the year ending March 2011 (24,849).
  • Overall for year ending March 2012; there were 202,980 reported road casualties (slight, serious injuries and fatalities), which is 3% less than the year ending March 2011.
  • Total reported child casualties (ages 0-15) fell by 3%, from 19,784 to 19,130 with those killed or seriously injured down 2% (2,460), compared with the previous 12 month period.
  • Road injury accidents reported to the police fell by 2% (to 150,810) while fatal accidents fell by less than 0.5% (to 1,774) compared with the year ending March 2011 (at 1,770).
  • In comparison, motor vehicle traffic levels have risen by 0.6% compared to the 12 month period ending March 2011.


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