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Head Injuries

Head Injuries Compensation

Head injuries are among the most serious injuries we can suffer. Seemingly innocuous injuries can have sever consequences. It can be difficult to come to terms with a serious brain injury, and the sufferer may lose the capacity to make a personal injury claim. Dallas McMillan are here to help.

Brain and head injuries.

Head injuries can mean both physical and mental injuries. If the brain is injured, the injury may be both physical and mental. Head injuries may result in total or partial paralysis, or permanent mental impairment leading to loss of quality of life – speech, mobility or memory may all be severely impaired. Your personality may be altered - perhaps the worst type of injury of all.Clearly, head injuries can encompass a wide scope of types of injury and symptom. Dallas McMillan will ensure that your head injury is assessed so that you can be given the best care possible, and receive the right amount of compensation. 

Head injuries compensation.

Compensation for head injuries where there is brain damage may be up to £270,000. If there is less brain damage but significant permanent impairment, the figure may be reduced to £140,000. If a head injury is likely to lead to memory loss or conditions such as epilepsy, the figure may be between £30,000 and £140,000. More minor head injuries may, depending on the severity, attract compensation in the region of £1500 - £8500.

Paralysis obviously attracts the highest level of personal injury award. Figures of between £212,000 and £265,000 are appropriate where quadriplegia is suffered. For paraplegia, the figure may be between £144,000 and £186,000. If life expectancy is impaired this will be taken into account. Also, the costs of care and modification of the home may be taken into account.

Dallas McMillan can advise on all aspects of your head injury claim, including valuation.

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