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What Type of Accident and Injury can I Make a Personal Injury Claim For?

What types of injuries can I claim for?

Once you’ve established that you have been injured in an accident or at work, the next step is to work out what you are claiming for.

Personal Injury Claims

What type of accident can I claim for?

Some of the more common types of accident include:

•    Road traffic Accidents
•    Accidents outside the home – slips, trips and falls
•    Workplace accidents
•    Medical treatments gone wrong resulting in injury

One of the most common places injuries are suffered is at work. For the year 2010/2011, almost 27 million working days were lost through injury according to the Health and Safety Executive.

You can claim for work related injuries caused by:

•    Lifting
•    Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
•    Machinery
•    Exposure to substances (e.g. Asbestos)
•    Tripping, slipping or falling
•    Other types of injury as long as you were not to blame.

If your work related injury was caused by defective equipment, the mistake or negligence of a colleague or because your employer failed to take sufficient care for your safety then you may have a claim.

Accidents can happen anywhere. If you have been injured and think you have a claim then contact our expert personal injury law solicitors now.

Some of the more common types of injury include:

•    Back injuries
•    Head injuries
•    Lower body Injuries – hips/pelvis/leg/foot injuries
•    Asbestosis/Pleural Plaques

Contact our expert personal injury solicitors today

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