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Personal Injury Claims

There are various types of loss for which an accident victim can claim compensation, including:-

  1. “Solatium”
  • Compensation for injuries/pain and suffering/interference with recreation, family life and work
  • Supported by obtaining expert medical reports
  • Orthopaedic/trauma surgeons used for typical physical injuries
  • Specialism of chosen expert, however, varies widely according to specific physical injuries suffered (can be psychological injuries too)
  • Choice of expert(s) crucial: defending insurers often instruct competing medical experts
  • Commonly need combination of expert reports where multiple injuries suffered
  1. Past Loss of Earnings
  • Loss of income to conclusion of claim
  • Medical expert should state what sickness absence reasonable
  • Employed claimant: usually assess average pay pre-accident and compare with pay received during sickness absence
  • Self-employed claimant: accountant instructed to assess loss of profit claim
  • Compensation is tax-free: claim is for net loss after tax
  • Employer sick pay, SSP, Government benefits are usually included as pay, reducing net loss
  1. Future Loss of Earnings
  • Expected earnings loss after conclusion of claim
  • Sometimes calculated as (annual loss x number of working years) or as a lump sum for “disadvantage in labour market” if lesser effect on career
  1. Services/Care
  • Compensation for (a) help given by family to claimant while injured and/or (b) reduction in normal help given by claimant to family while injured
  • Claim possible for future as well as past “services”
  • Sometimes claim for medium or long-term nursing or other care
  1. Other Common Claims
  • Loss of pension eg in cases of serious injury causing career change and reduced pension fund contributions
  • Private medical treatment
  • Travel/accommodation costs
  • Costs of adapting house (or even moving house)
  • (Road accidents): insurance excess/car repair costs or write-off value/hire charges
  • Contractual obligation to repay sick pay to employers (eg public sector): add repayable sick pay to claim

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