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Reasons for Making a Will

Reading an article the other day unexpectedly gave me some inspiration for this blog.  It got me thinking about the reasons for making a Will.  We all know the usual reasons: to leave your assets and items of sentimental value to your beneficiaries.  However, there can be many other reasons.

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Thinking about moving?

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Residential Nil Rate Band

For many years there has been much discussion around the Nil Rate Band for Inheritance Tax (IHT) purposes and the fact that it was not keeping up with the increase in wealth in the general population, which has to a great extent been fuelled by greater home ownership and increased house prices.

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Survivorship Clauses

A survivorship clause is something which you can put in your title deeds which provides that on the death of the first proprietor, the surviving proprietor, often  a spouse or a civil partner, will automatically inherit the predeceasing proprietor’s interest in the property.

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