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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

April has been a busy month in the employment world with a few material changes emerging from it, one being, employers of larger work forces (250 or more) being obliged to provide the Government with information regarding gender pay gap.

This information is required to go on the employer’s website as well as that of the Government and will focus for example on, the split between male and female bonus payments. The information will be taken on the 5th of April every year for those operating in the private sector and on the 31st of March annually for the public sector.

Employers should be aware that workers are included in the definition of who is considered an employee for the purposes of ingathering information and so a broader definition has been utilised in terms of the Equality Act 2010 by the Government.

Alongside the data, employers have the opportunity to explain in writing, the reasons for the results and also expand on what they are doing as an organisation to reduce any such gap.

This change is a positive one, as it will encourage employers to make efforts to reduce or eradicate the gender pay gap in their organisation, as this information is made available on a public platform. Perhaps, given that employers are being required to ingather this information, it will push them to keep in mind gender pay gap as an issue, than if this change had not been brought in at all. This change is a positive step in the right direction of reducing any differences which exist between the sexes in the employment world.

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