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Golfer Receives Compensation for Head Injury

A Scottish golfer who was hit on the head by another player’s golf ball has been awarded £10,000 in damages, reports the Scotsman.

John Ure was playing a round of golf on Bellshill Golf Course in Lanarkshire. He was on the tenth fairway when the incident took place.

Stewart Muir was with another group of players on the ninth hole. When he hit his shot he realised it had veered sharply to right, in the direction of John Ure’s group on the tenth hole. Mr Muir shouted “fore” and two people on the fairway took cover, but Mr Ure himself did not. The ball hit him on the head and knocked him to the ground, and he was subsequently taken to hospital. He apparently continued to suffer from headaches and nausea after the incident and lost interest in playing golf.

Appearing in the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Mr Muir said that he was aware of Mr Ure’s presence on the neighbouring fairway, but thought there was no risk in taking his shot as he could never have anticipated his ball would veer so far off course.

However, the judge found that such a shot was “reasonably foreseeable” and that Mr Muir was liability for the injury caused.

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