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If you are considering selling your home, you are likely to have a number of questions and will be wondering exactly what to do next.  Here at Dallas McMillan, we fully appreciate how stressful selling your home may seem, but we work hard to put your mind at ease. We want the process to be as straightforward as possible, and our team of legal experts will explain the process to you concisely in language you can understand. We offer you bespoke advice tailored to your circumstances as we have a comprehensive understanding of the Scottish property market and years of experience in helping people sell their homes. As both solicitors and estate agents, Dallas McMillan have an in-depth understanding of the current property market in Scotland. We will explain why each of the offers made for your property is attractive, and offer advice to help you choose one buyer over another – it is not always about offer price, many other factors may play a part in making the right decision.

Specialist Property Solicitors & Estate Agents, Glasgow, Edinburgh, & Across Scotland

If you are selling your home, in most circumstances it is highly recommended that you use a professional solicitor and estate agent to help you find a buyer for your property. Although you may be worried about the cost using an estate agent, they will take responsibility for dealing with all aspects of the market of your property including getting the Home Report, ensuring the property is adequately advertised, negotiating the price and, if you wish, for showing potential buyers around the property. One of the advantages of using Dallas MacMillan to sell your home is that we have specialist knowledge of the property market in both the West of Scotland and the central belt, with our legal team serving clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire Livingston, Argyll and further afield. We are also experienced in selling all kinds of properties. Contact us today to find out how we can help get the best buyer for your property.

Aside from how to sell your home, one of the things you may be most concerned about is how much to sell your home for. There are many ways you can advertise the selling price for your property. One of the most popular is to state the price as “offers over.” This means that the price advertised is the minimum price you are willing to accept. On the other hand, you could offer the property as “fixed price” - where an offer on the price given this will secure the sale. However, you are also free to accept offers below the price stated. The final option is to advertise your property at an ‘offers around/in the region of’ a given price. This is often used where the market is slow, with rural properties or those requiring a degree of development.

The offers received from the solicitors of potential buyers will contain basic details such as the price, a proposed date of entry and often more technical details such as liability for repairs to the property. It is important to note that your solicitor may advise against accepting the highest offer if the terms are not agreeable. Your solicitor must be involved in the process of accepting the offer. There will usually be a period of negotiation between the buyer’s solicitor and your own solicitor before the contract is concluded. This often lengthy process is known as missives and your solicitor will consult with you during this period of negotiation. During this period, the offer is not yet legally binding, and either party may decide that they do not wish to continue with the transaction. After full agreement has been reached, a final ‘Letter of Conclusion’ is signed, this is known as the conclusion of missives.' The parties may no longer freely break the contract. Otherwise, they may be liable to pay compensation to the other party. This means that if you receive a better offer after this date, you will not be able to accept it without severe penalty.

The sale will be complete at the date of entry; this is where you will receive payment for your property and ownership and the keys are handed over to the buyer. It is our responsibility as your solicitor to deliver the keys and a document known as a ‘disposition’ to the buyers, who are now in fact the owners. The disposition transfers ownership of the property from seller to buyer. The buyer’s solicitor will deliver a cheque for the full amount of the purchase price, or the payment can be made by bank transfer. If you still have a loan outstanding on the property you are looking to sell, this must be paid off at this stage. Your solicitor can, however, deal with this on your behalf and obtain a redemption statement from your bank or building society.

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If you have found your dream home and are relying on the sale of your current property to make that dream a reality, we can assist you in making sure there are no setbacks or disappointments. Our team are not only experts in property law but also in the local area and property market hotspots in and around Glasgow including Giffnock, Newton Mearns, the West end, and Kelvinside, as well as Stockbridge, Marchmont, and Bruntsfield in Edinburgh and across the whole of Scotland.

Dallas McMillan, Expert Property Lawyers Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Across Scotland

At Dallas McMillan, we provide an outstanding property sales experience and benefit from an integrated service that includes estate agency and conveyancing, to give you a seamless, hassle free service from initial valuation to final sale. Our experience, together with our exceptional property advertising packages, ensure that your home will get maximum exposure and that we will use any and every opportunity to find the best buyer for your home, and can even coordinate the sale of your current home and the purchase of your new one for a hassle free moving experience.

Our conveyancing solicitors have the legal expertise to expedite your sale from offer to final entry date swiftly and smoothly with competitive conveyancing fees. Because we buy homes as well as sell them, we understand exactly what is happening in the current Scottish property market and can give you expert advice on how much to offer for your new home and well as a professional assessment of the likely selling price of your current home. Our team are not only experts in property law but also in the local area and property market hotspots in and around Glasgow including Giffnock, Newton Mearns, the West end, Shawlands, Glasgow Harbour and Kelvinside, as well as Stockbridge, Marchmont, and Bruntsfield in Edinburgh and across the whole of Scotland. If you are looking to sell a property in Glasgow, Edinburgh or across Scotland, contact our property experts today to find out what we can do for you.

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