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Back, neck and Spinal Injuries

Back injuries are very common. Most of us will suffer from a back injury at some point in our lives. The back is a complex mass of interlinking nerves, muscles, blood vessels, bones, ligaments and tendons. It bears most of the effort when lifting or playing sport and no matter how robust it may appear, it can be easily damaged.

Back injuries compensation

Back injuries are commonly caused by slips, trips and falls, car accidents or lifting injuries. What might be dismissed as a simple niggle may lead to long-term suffering or expensive or inconvenient medical treatment.

If you have suffered a back injury

Your employer is under a duty to train you how to properly lift heavy objects to minimize the risk of injury. Your employer is also obliged to ensure that you have a generally safe work environment. If your employer has failed to meet these requirements then you may able to claim compensation. A back injury can be extremely debilitating, severely hampering the ability of the sufferer to live, work and engage in hobbies of their choosing. Losses of these aspects of life are also compensatable if a claim for a back injury is established.

Compensation for Back Injuries

The top end compensation for back injuries around £55,000. This figure is paid for serious injuries leading to on-going pain and discomfort, risk of arthritis and/or associated depression. Up to £20,000 may be paid for injuries where there is on-going pain with associated ligament, muscle or tendon damage, or where an existing condition has been made worse. Smaller injuries can attract between £5000 and £8000 if you are expected to recover within 5 years. As the time for recovery decreases, so does the potential award. Contact our expert personal injury solicitors for advise on all aspects of your claim, including valuation.

Back Injury Lawyers Glasgow, Scotland

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