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Lower Body Injuries; Leg, Knee and Ankle injury Claims

Leg and lower body injuries can impact upon your lifestyle. They can impair movement and prevent you from working, enjoying sport or simply from moving as freely as you would like.

Leg injury compensation

Leg injuries range from the severe, such as amputations, to the less severe such as ligament, tendon or tissue damage. The level of severity of a leg injury does not always correspond to the level of impact it has on your life. Broken legs often result from road traffic accidents, and in particular motorcycle accidents. The following guide to compensation is based on the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines for personal injury. These guidelines are designed to ensure consistency and accuracy across the courts.

Injuries requiring amputations are clearly among the most serious types of leg injury. Amputation below the knee attracts awards of compensation in the region of £60,000 - £90,000. Amputations higher up may attract more, as it is hard to attach a prosthetic leg. Breaks and fractures will attract compensation in the region of £5000 - £18,000 depending on the speed of recovery and the damage to the surrounding soft tissue.

The joints of the leg are particularly susceptible to injury, and claims for knee injury compensation and ankle injury compensation and not uncommon. Injuries to these joint can severely impair the quality of life of the sufferer, and lead to on-going problems. Compensation for knee injuries can range from around £7000 to £50,000, depending on the severity. Ankle injuries can attract from £7000 up to £36000 depending on the severity.

As well as compensation for the injury itself, Dallas McMillan can help you claim compensation for the loss of quality of life you have suffered and for the loss of any earnings you sustained after the injury. 

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